undergraduate thesis
Slavery through history

Jelena Kreber (2015)
Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec
Management of tourism and sport
TitleSlavery through history
AuthorJelena Kreber
Mentor(s)Marija Miščančuk (thesis advisor)
This final paper is about slavery and its development through history. It describes slavery and types of slavery in the major periods of history. It starts with the ancient times and it describes slavery in the ancient cultures as well as in the Middle Ages. Then it continues with transatlantic slave trade which is an introduction to slavery in the United States of America. It describes the beginnings of the slavery in America, treatment of the slaves, importance of the cotton gin and the Civil War, all relating to racism and the impact it has on the economy. The last part of the work is devoted to a newer form of slavery. It touches upon the topic of today's human trafficking and modern slavery. The aim of this paper is to present slavery from the ancient times to modern forms of slavery, referring to the position of slaves through history.
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Tomislav Hublin
Marija Miščančuk
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Early Croatian and World History
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